Payroll/HR Solutions

Make Payroll Pain-Free

Let us handle your payroll needs, so you can get back to doing what you enjoy—running your business. Outsourcing this function to us is cost and time effective. If we’re handling all your payroll responsibilities, there’s no need for a specialized employee dedicated to this task, and there is no need to maintain your own payroll system. Payroll laws are constantly in flux— staying compliant can be a challenge. We will assign a dedicated payroll specialist to work with you throughout the payroll process to ensure continuity.


  • Direct deposit and payroll check printing
  • Compliance, such as tax payments and payroll reporting
  • W-2, W-3, and 1099 processing
  • Employee self-service – employees receive a personal, secure web portal to store W-4, W2, and payroll stub information
  • Employer self-service – employer receives a secure web portal to manage payroll information, reports, and access to online time entry sheets

How It Works

We offer payroll service electronically, saving you time, money and reducing costly mistakes. Easily fax, email, or upload all your payroll information via a secure portal and our payroll experts process the data and deliver all services over the internet. We address all your needs and your employees will enjoy secure online access to their pay check stub information and W-2s—saving you hours in distribution time.

Human Resource Solutions

For comprehensive Human Resource solutions, we offer ThinkHR Workplace Pro – giving clients a competitive advantage with the most trusted and most used HR solutions and services. If you are involved with employee and compliance issues, this HR knowledge solution is a value-added benefit that will save you time and money.


  • ThinkHR Live, a team of HR experts standing by to answer your questions or provide advice. This phone-based support service is available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT each business day.
  • ThinkHR Comply, a powerful, award-winning online resource center for all of your workforce issues with hundreds of forms, tools and commentary on best practices
  • ThinkHR Learn, which gives you the power to curate, administer, track and report on online employee training programs
  • Compliance Calendar with pre-populated key compliance dates and reminders
  • Convenient Mobile app that gives you access to ThinkHR’s complete resource database anywhere, anytime

ThinkHR Overview